Kahib village, Dagestan by Viacheslav Kantov

Kahib village, Dagestan

On the spectacular crest of a rock massif, under reliable protection from raids by possible enemies, this village once arose. Old Kahib, the remains of which I visited today, date from the 8-10th centuries. What is very characteristic of Kahib, it preserved large battle towers, in which the inhabitants took refuge in danger. There were five battle towers in total. The largest of those that is still visible, has a height of 20m and a width of 4.6m, the wall thickness is one meter. Now there are three towers left. If you refer to some descriptions of the village of Kahib, then some of the buildings had five floors. By the way, the architecture here is typical for Dagestan, i.e. the roof of one house is at the same time the courtyard of the house which is located above. And yet, the village used to be called Bakdab.